Reviews of Music by Wolfe & Powell

Sitting here drinking a cup of cappuccino and listening to your wonder CD. You both sound great. And the Album cover is outstanding. You look terrific. I love the smooth jazz approach, but you covered it all and it I hope it takes off...”

—Frank Gerdnic, St. Pete Beach, FL

I was delighted to order the CDs (2) from your website. My computer is so ancient I couldn’t get the sample so I'm really looking forward to hearing it. I even bought some Folger’s Cappuccino to get in the mood! Best wishes for lots of sales.”

—Jo Ann Ralston, Blue Ridge, GA

I think your CD packaging, graphics, photos, etc were well done. The overall package looks very professional and very much in keeping with the type of music that’s inside.

A Slice of Summer—Again, an interesting rhythm transition from the previous song. This song reminds me a bit of some of the old Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass hits from the sixties. Like “The Lonely Bull.” But a bit more soft and free form. Nicely done.

Show Me a Door—This is a nice change to a different key, or a different sounding sax, or something feels different anyway. It has a welcome minor key feel. And, it has a more interesting melody that takes me somewhere musically. A pretty song. This one is a favorite!

Tornado!—Nice change for the ears with the over dubbed multiple sax feel. Interesting rhythm. A nice high energy song. Some good lead sax work on this one. Good song.

Overall reaction:This is a very well produced CD. The performances are clean and error-free. I did not detect a single glitch technically, or musically, in the sound quality. Creatively, there is a similiar feel to most of the cuts that is probably inherent to much of the the entire smooth jazz genre. If this work is targeted as background “mood” music for an establishment like a coffee house, or a shopping mall, I think it could work well. If fact, it reminds me very much of the music I currently hear at those type establishments.

—Jim Johnson, Springfield, VA